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Project Management Experts

There are all kinds of problems that can stand in the way of a successful project; Schedule delays, changing priorities, uncontrolled spending, resourcing challenges, overworked employees. Any of these is enough to sink your entire I.T. project, but when you add Bridgehead I.T.'s Project Management Organization (PMO) experts to your team, you’ve got knowledgeable professionals onboard who can help keep your project on course.

Whether you bring us on board for project management consulting on a specific project like a cloud migration, to provide in-house ongoing project management initiatives, or to deliver project management tools and training to your staff, together, we can deliver proven processes and systems that deliver successful projects. Our complete range of project management consulting services allows us to offer customized, flexible solutions-and the tools necessary to implement them.


I.T. Service Delivery


Are you an I.T. professional that is responsible for the helpdesk, special projects, working on the CEO's home network, the phone system, network security, and everything else?

Perhaps you are the CEO and are wondering why your I.T. costs are so high or are hearing people complain about I.T. support issues. Maybe you know your I.T. team is busy, but it is hard to pin down precisely what they are doing. Do you find it difficult to measure their productivity? Do you wonder how to incentivize them to do more?

Both perspectives are valid and stem from the unrealistic expectation that a company can have an "I.T. Manager" that can handle it all. Information Technology in today's time is a vast array of skillsets very similar to the medical industry. It would be unreasonable to expect one doctor to handle ALL your healthcare needs over a lifetime.

Bridgehead I.T. has the proven people, processes, and technology to solve this dilemma.

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    We have the vertically trained specialized professional to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a cybersecurity specialist, database administrator, or a Microsoft Azure engineer we have it covered. Our triage team will engage the right expert and assign them to the job right away.
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    Bridgehead I.T. has spent the last 20-years building and shaping one of the most efficient service delivery process playbooks in the IT industry. The average in-house I.T. team runs at 40% efficiency due to constant interruptions and misaligned skillsets. Aligning your in-house I.T. with our team and service delivery processes can double your in-house I.T. efficiency to 80%.
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    Bridgehead I.T. believes firmly in the idea of investing in the right tool for the job. Our clients and our team have access to the best I.T. tools to deliver automation, monitoring, security, development, and cost control. These tools allow us to scale by removing manual, time-consuming processes that impede our ability to innovate and deliver business value to our stakeholders.

Infrastructure Services

Bridgehead I.T. understands I.T. is only as good as its alignment to your business needs and goals. Our team of experienced I.T. professionals assess your business needs first, then create a comprehensive plan to provide you with flexible, scalable, and secure systems that allow you to innovate and grow your business.

Our expert I.T. infrastructure services assure your organization has access to the best I.T. solutions and the guidance necessary to leverage those resources to employ more effective business strategies.

Excellent I.T. infrastructure management is key to succeeding in today’s technologically driven business world. Without it, costs climb, and the value proposition erodes quickly. Developing projects that grow your I.T. environment is directly related to how efficiently your organization will function now and in the future. We will help you develop long-term, strategic solutions that allow your company to use change as a tool and launch your organization to the top of your market. We can help you articulate and execute a vision to improve your organization’s I.T. infrastructure and give your business the innovative resources it needs to be competitive in your business arena.

Cost-Effective I.T. Consulting and Training Services:

Taking steps to utilize a well-developed information technology infrastructure provides a firm foundation for a prosperous future for your business. Bridgehead I.T. will help you assess the way your organization operates using a profoundly collaborative, multifaceted process. Using that information, we will shape our recommendations and set any constraints and expectations for projects after further consultation with your company. Our team of highly qualified analysts will work with you to develop the best I.T. strategy to better manage and grow your business.

  • Project management to help keep your team on task and business flowing smoothly 
  • Creating and balancing an I.T. budget that will produce cost-effective ways to manage and grow your organization’s finances
  • I.T. administrative training that will ensure your team works smarter and more efficiently as it becomes increasingly knowledgeable of your I.T. systems

Strategic I.T. Assessments:

Bridgehead I.T.'s infrastructure consulting will set your organization on a new course to success. We have the industry expertise to provide you with proven solutions tailored to your organization. We help create a reliable, secure and easily manageable I.T. structure, assist with handling hardware, offer I.T. assessments to better manage your infrastructures, and training in new technologies.

Productivity-Focused Change Management Solutions

Bridgehead I.T. understands it can be difficult for end users to adopt new ideas and technology. Bridgehead I.T. simplifies organizational change by helping to manage the end user’s migration experience through training and implementing change management best practices. We can help navigate your staff through the change process and provide you with manageable solutions that not only drive user adoption but also drive productivity. Our goal is to be your dedicated, trusted advisor, moving your company forward and growing your business. We help you use technology to stay competitive, relevant, and effective. 

Bridgehead I.T. offers a holistic approach to assisting our clients with projects, challenges, and business objectives. Our team of project managers, analysts, and engineers work together to assess your I.T. environment to develop a plan that focuses both on your business processes and your technical needs. We have extensive experience migrating the most complex platforms as well as in-depth expertise with best-of-breed solutions. We help you seamlessly transition to your new I.T. environment as you continue with business as usual.


App Development

Modern applications require in-depth knowledge of application design and development including user interface or UX/UI design, workflows, databases, frameworks, and system architecture to deliver a complete solution that will meet both performance needs and business value goals. Whether you’re seeking to streamline internal business processes, acquire new clientele, or create additional sources of revenue, you need a functional application to reach your targeted users, provide a secure and scalable environment, and track where opportunities exist for further growth. You need the right partner to get you there.


Our custom application development process starts with discovery – a step-by-step guided process that gathers application requirements through a series of brainstorming, discussions, and whiteboarding. Afterward, we collaborate with your team to filter all potential application requirements into a prioritized list that is in precise alignment with your business needs and desired results. Through this disciplined process of engaging with end users and key stakeholders, we develop a custom solution that delivers value and also achieves high adoption rates.

  • Why Customize Apps?

    • Solve the right problem, for the right customer with the best possible solution

    • Deliver business goals in a flexible, holistic manner

    • Create defined business value for each use case

    • Minimize project risks through fast delivery and reduced cycle times

    • Focus on user-centered design to drive high adoption rates

    • Develop quick iterations of prototypes with minimal downtimes

    • Scale for the future by setting the right foundation for growth

  • The App Design Experts For almost two decades, Bridgehead I.T. has been designing, developing, and supporting mobile app development and applications that require scalable, high-performance, secure and engaging solutions, ranging from industry-changing startups to industry-leading Fortune 500 companies.

    Bridgehead I.T. houses a team of expert consultants, designers, and developers who focus on your overall goals and strategy to engage your users with robust, high-performance applications designed with your customers and business needs in mind.

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps brings enterprise-level automation to organizations of all sizes. PowerApps allows organizations to connect business data with customized logic and workflows to transform time-consuming, mistake-prone processes into automatic and instant digital data. Microsoft PowerApps can also be used to analyze and display data in a series of custom outputs, including visual charts and graphs, that make business information more digestible for the users that respond to the data.

Bridgehead I.T. can help your organization leverage PowerApps to streamline business functions and improve the way your organization processes and shares business information.

Security Awareness Solutions

Every day your organization is bombarded with threats. Email phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and CEO fraud, to name a few. Responding to these threats demands your team is prepared to recognize and avoid the traps that criminals set. Your organization’s security is only as strong as your weakest link: your employees.

Security Training alone is not enough. Protecting your organization in today’s world requires a culture of Security Awareness. Bridgehead I.T. focuses on a strategy of training, assessing, and reinforcing security best practices. This three-prong approach drives behavior change that minimizes the risk your organization faces.

The world continues to be transformed by digital technology, and the challenges of protecting your organization and its data will only continue to evolve. Our team can help you create a culture of security that will minimize your organization's risk profile. Our solution manages the implementation and execution of the security awareness program from start to finish so you can focus on managing your business.

Conference Room Design

Conference Room Design

Our digital on-the-go world requires ways to connect efficiently and effectively. Challenges logging in to digital meetings and technical difficulties related to video, audio, and screen sharing can quickly derail a meeting’s agenda.

Conference rooms that can provide a seamless digital meeting experience will keep your organization focused on meaningful work instead of frustrating technical problems.

Bridgehead I.T. can design and implement solutions that create a seamless, user-friendly conference room experience that makes digital and in-person meetings simple enough for anyone to host without the need for an I.T. resource.  

Our experts have experience in overcoming video, audio, lighting, and technological challenges that prevent your team from hosting problem-free meetings.

Contact Bridgehead I.T. today to learn more about how we can implement conference room solutions that support effective and efficient meetings.

Structured Cabling

A high-performance network requires focused cabling design and cable management. From the strategic planning of cable pathways and cable management to the installation of the state-of-the-art cabling products from the world’s most respected cable manufacturers, Bridgehead IT can help from start to finish. Our expert cable technicians create future-ready solutions that are both scalable and manageable. By following cable management best practices, our solutions can help extend the life of cabling infrastructure and maximize your ability to adapt to ever-changing technology opportunities.  

  • Well managed network cabling

    Data Cabling:

    The quality of the cables chosen, and installation testing procedures can make a significant impact on your technology infrastructure. Networks carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds, and without the proper cable quality and testing procedures, issues can arise.   

    Bridgehead I.T.’s expert cable technicians and installers adhere to the quality and testing standards set by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the American National Standards Institute, and the Telecommunications Industry Association / Electronic Industry Alliance (TIA/EIA).  

  • Fiber Optic Cable

    Fiber Optic cabling:

    From multimode to single-mode fiber, Bridgehead IT plans, installs, tests, and terminates fiber optic cabling. Our cabling experts have experience with both indoor and outside plant fiber.   

    Bridgehead IT has extensive experience with both basic types of fiber - single mode and multimode. Single mode normally used for long-distance requirements and high bandwidth applications. Multimode is usually used inside buildings or office space.

  • VOIP Phone Image

    voice cabling:

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has added a layer of options and complexity to voice cabling solutions. Our cabling experts can help your organization navigate growing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) options and challenges.  

    Bridgehead I.T. can help with any wiring needs, including traditional wiring applications and wiring for future needs. Whatever your need, Bridgehead IT will ensure you have the options you need when installing your combination of phones, modems, and analog lines.  

  • Security Camera System in Industrial Plant

    Camera systems:

    Our camera solution experts can help design and install surveillance camera systems for buildings of any size. From small private offices to large industrial plants, Bridgehead IT can offer a wide range of commercial and industrial camera system implementation services.  

    The process begins with a brief consultation to identify and understand your surveillance goals. Whether you are looking to improve safety, help mitigate liability risk, keep eyes on potentially hazardous areas, or need to focus on specific zones or work areas, Bridgehead I.T. can help engineer a solution to solve any surveillance problem. 

Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage in office

Bridgehead I.T. can help you engage your clients with vibrant digital displays. Commercial-grade digital display solutions are more affordable than ever.

Leveraging the technology of Samsung digital displays, Bridgehead I.T. can offer a wide range of flexible and custom-designed solutions for your organization. Our team of experts can work with you to design and install a custom, easy to manage, durable, and affordable digital display network. Samsung digital display solutions allow remote access to create, schedule, and deploy content across your digital display network. 

Whether you need customer-facing lobby displays, menu boards, or back of house operational displays, we have you covered. We can create a digital display network for any size and any purpose, indoor or outdoor.